Tanker Roller Information

After a meeting yesterday with the involved parties, including the clean up contractor and Licensed Site Professional, we are providing the following information for all those affected by the gasoline tanker rollover on Thursday July 18, 2019.

The truck was owned/operated by Delaney Trucking and is insured by Mapfre Commerce Insurance. For information regarding the insurance, claims, etc, please contact Scott Masse of CMS. Scott is an independent Insurance Adjustor working for Mapfre. His number is 508-366-8535.

The clean up is being overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The Licensed Site Professional responsible for the clean is Edge Environmental.

They are required to submit an overall plan for the cleanup and expect to do so within the next two weeks. This plan is normal due within 60 days of the spill.

The following is an update as to what has been done and what needs to be done. Including a diagram of the affected area.